• License Agreement
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Producer Agreement
  • R&d Contract
  • Agreement on the alienation of exclusive rights

Agreements in the field of intellectual property are usually civil-law contracts, either provided for or simply regulated by the Civil code and relevant federal laws.

The conclusion of any agreement almost always begins with a discussion (both orally and in writing) of its general and essential terms. In the process of settling these terms, the parties may be in correspondence providing their own agreement text versions.

This can take place, for example, by exchanging protocols of areas of disagreement.

Intellectual property agreements can be divided into the following types:

  • Agreements on the alienation of exclusive rights;
  • License agreements;
  • Franchise (commercial concession) agreements;
  • Agreements on the creation of results of intellectual activity (ordering agreements);
  • Agreements for the trust management of exclusive rights;
  • Collective rights management agreements (agreements for the transfer of rights management authority);
  • Agreements for the trust management of rights.

It should be noted that a number of agreements in the field of intellectual property are subject to state registration, while some of them do not require this legally significant action. As a rule, if the rights to an IP item are subject to state registration (for example, a trademark), then the agreement, where such item is the object of alienation, is also registered, and vice versa (for example, copyright).

We can either prepare any agreement “from scratch”, or change an existing one for you. In addition, if necessary, we are ready to write a protocol of areas of disagreement and participate in pre-contractual disputes on your side.

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