• Register a trademark
  • Search through trademark databases
  • Response to Rospatent notification
  • Trademark renewal

A trademark is a duly registered means of individualising your goods and services, information about which is entered into a special state register. As a result, a trademark is a significant guarantee of your occupation and retention of the market segment you need, and also, with a competent approach, a means of obtaining indirect income and an investment object. In addition, it is part of the mental image of the product, the so-called brand.

Trademarks can be verbal (consisting of a word or a group of words), visual (having only a picture), combined (word and picture), three-dimensional, sound, olfactory, multimedia.

Trademark registration usually begins with the so-called “search”. A search, or patent search, or search through databases of trademarks and designations applied for registration but not registered, is a procedure in which our expert performs the following actions:

  • checks the registrability of your designation;
  • checks for identical and similar registered and unregistered designations that interfere with your registration in a special database;
  • prepares an analytical note with a percentage probability of registering your designation as a trademark and a list of signs that hinder you, with their numbers and similarity coefficient;
  • gives recommendations on how to change the designation to increase its registrability (if necessary).

Then our specialist prepares and submits to the registration authority an application for registration of your trademark and conducts correspondence with this authority, usually concerning questions that it has.

The final stage of the procedure is our representative getting a trademark certificate and transferring it to the customer.

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