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Our company compares favorably with most of its other colleagues in the smallest way. We provide the same quality services at a reasonable price and in a short time. We are just as polite and honest with you. But, we both think about your problem around the clock!!!!

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Pavel & Oxana Beresnev

For a long time, in many branches of human social activity, there have been family businesses. Here you can remember the inventors of the plane – the Wright brothers, the pioneers of radiation physics – the Curies, the Dumas son and father, and many other famous people connected by family ties.

Law is no exception to this glorious tradition.

We, the founders of the company “The Beresnevs’ Law Office” are husband and wife. But there is another circumstance that binds us together, no less strongly than the family ties.

Each of us is a practitioner in several areas of intellectual property.

Thus, “The Beresnevs’ Law Office” is a family law firm specialising in the registration and protection of intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyrights and related rights, databases, know-how, domain names, etc.).

In addition, we are ready to protect your business reputation and protect you from unfair competition, as well as evaluate your intangible assets.

Services of lawyers of Beresnevy


We will search the database and register any trademark on the turnkey basis at a price without hidden costs. We will prepare a response to the Rospatent notification and consult you.


We will advise you on copyright issues and help you deposit it. We will represent your interests in Russian Authors Society and before the publisher, producer, director or employee.


We will check the registrability of your engineering solution. We will register an invention, utility model or design. We will make changes to the patent or renew it.

Protection and contestation

We will represent your interests in courts, Chamber for Patent Disputes (CPD), Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) and Federal Customs Service (FCS) on IP issues. We will prepare a judicial document, get acquainted with the case and participate in the final process.


Agreements in the IP field. We will prepare, check, change and register license, franchise, alienation, R&d and other agreements. Protocols of areas of disagreement, participation in negotiations.

Evaluation and commercialisation

We will conduct an evaluation of the IP items and an expert examination (judicial and non-judicial). We will help you find an investor and buyer for your property. We will put it up for commission. We will make a business plan.






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