Protection and contestation

  • Chamber for Patent Disputes
  • Court for Intellectual Property Rights
  • Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS)
  • Court of Arbitration
  • Federal Customs Service

The implementation of rights concerning intellectual property items (IPI) implies, among other things, their protection.

IPI protection is a set of measures aimed at counteracting infringements on these items by third parties who are convinced that they have rights to those IPI.

Such measures may include participation in meetings of the Chamber for Patent Disputes, the Court of Arbitration, the Court for Intellectual Property, the Court of General Jurisdiction, the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Customs Service.

Types of intellectual property rights include:

  • Personal non-property rights;
  • Exclusive right;
  • Other rights not included in the first two groups, such as access and resale rights.

Methods of IPI protection can be divided into general, the list of which is contained in article 12 of the civil code of the Russian Federation, and special ones, provided for in part four of the civil code.

The most common methods are as follows:

  • Recognition of rights;
  • Restoration of the situation that existed before the infringement of the right;
  • Suppression of actions that infringe the right or create a threat of its infringement;
  • Compensation for moral damage;
  • Publication of the court's decision on the infringement made;
  • Publication of the court's decision on the infringement made;

Contestation of the rights to intellectual property items is, in its turn, an action taken by persons, who believe that they own certain rights to these items, and carried out by means provided for by law.

Protection and contestation of exclusive rights to intellectual activity results and means of individualisation are carried out by our company in the following segments:

  • Disputes with state authorities (Rospatent) concerning the registration of IP items;
  • Litigations related to the infringement of rights to the IPI;
  • Participation in meetings of the Federal Antimonopoly Service concerning unfair competition;
  • Copyright protection;
  • Domain name disputes;
  • Termination of the legal protection of the IPI and recognition of the legal protection of the IPI as invalid.

We are ready to defend any of your rights to the IPI in any state body (Rospatent, courts of all jurisdictions and instances, the Federal Customs Service, the Federal Antimonopoly Service).

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