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In the context of legislation copyright can be divided into two groups: personal non-property rights and property rights.

Personal non-property rights (also referred to in the Berne Convention as “moral rights”) include:

  • the right to be recognised as the author of a work (the right to paternity);
  • the right to use, or authorise the use of, the work under the real name of the creator, under a pseudonym or without indication of name, that is, anonymously (the right to a name);
  • the right to publish, or authorise the publication of, a work in any form (the right to publication), including the right to withhold works from publication; right to protection of the work, including its title, against any form of misrepresentation or other attack which is capable of injuring the honour and dignity of the creator (the right to protection of the creator's reputation);

Non-proprietary copyrights are valid indefinitely. In Russia they can only belong to an individual and are inalienable, i.e. they cannot be transferred to another person.

Copyright applies to both published and unpublished works that exist in any objective form:

  • written (manuscript, typewriting, musical notation, etc.);
  • oral (public utterance, public performance, etc.);
  • an image (drawing, sketch, picture, plan, draft, film, TV, video or photo still, etc.);
  • audio or video recordings (mechanical, magnetic, digital, optical, etc.);
  • three-dimensional (sculpture, model, layout, construction, etc.);
  • and others.

The copyright objects themselves can be:

  • literary works, including dramatic, musical-dramatic, and scripted works;
  • choreographic works and pantomimes;
  • musical works with or without text;
  • audio-visual works (films, TV and video films, slide films, diafilms and other film and TV productions);
  • works of painting, sculpture, graphics, design, graphic stories, comics, and other works of fine art;
  • works of decorative-applied and stage design art;
  • works of architecture, urban planning and landscape art;
  • photographic works and works obtained by methods similar to photography;
  • geographical, geological and other maps, plans, sketches and plastic works related to geography, topography and other sciences;
  • and other objects.
  • (Taken from Wikipedia article)
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