Evaluation and commercialisation

  • Trademark evaluation
  • Sell a trademark
  • Patent examination
  • Patent attorney's report
  • Find an investor
  • Patent research

In the context of the law, intellectual property (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.) is property to which its owners acquire rights, as well as own, use and dispose of them.

If we consider intellectual property rights as a commercial object, we must conclude that such rights can be both a means of investment, i.e. assets, and a means of receiving profit.

Accordingly, such rights and objects can and should be subject to the evaluation procedure. Evaluation of intellectual property items is carried out by certified specialists according to the current legislation regulating evaluation activities.

Our company is ready to provide you with services for the evaluation of any IP item, due to the fact that Pavel Beresnev is an appraiser re-qualified in accordance with the established procedure.

Commercialisation of intellectual property is a very wide category, which conventionally includes three main fields:

  • transfer of rights to the IP item;
  • creation of joint production;
  • entering the market through the implementation of IP results in production (nowadays for scientific organisations the most acceptable way to implement such a scheme is to create a small innovative enterprise "for the project").

But generally commercialisation of IP can be defined as the implementation of results of scientific and technical activity fixed in the form of intellectual property, with a view to profit.

Our company on its own or involving our partners is ready to draw up a business plan for various purposes, put your object on sale, find an investor or conduct patent research.

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